Selling Your Business

Assisting Business Owners to Realize their Goals.

Selling over 1,200 Franchise Businesses in our 25 years of business, we are the leading Franchise restuarant brokerage firm in the Nation. Our experienced team of mergers & acquisitions specialists proudly deliver results and value to clients across the nation from our office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Selling a franchise business is a complicated process of confidentiality, valuation, negotiation, financing, and liability mitigation. At Franchise Sales, we understand the importance of your investment. With over 20 years of experience and upwards of 1,000 franchises sold, we can help you navigate through to a successful completion.

At Franchise Sales, we start the process by providing evaluation services to establish a comprehensive analysis and marketing plan. Once completed, we will help you determine which of the steps below are right for you.

Market Responsive Business Evaluation

This is the first and most important step of the process.

With our years of experience in facilitating the sale and purchase of Franchises across the nation, we have an intimate knowledge of the market for this specialized field.

Factors that attribute to business value:
  • Sales & Profitability
  • Sales Trends
  • Car Counts & Ticket Averages
  • Strength of the Brand
  • Fee Simple Real Estate Value
  • Amount and Type of Financing Available

Preparing your Business for Sale

There are numerous factors that play into the value of your business, beyond direct operation of the business itself. Preparing the business for sale can improve the value of your business, and at the same time, the Buyer’s successfulness. Franchise Sales can assist you in:

  • Lease Issues
  • Franchise Agreement Renewals & Extensions (if franchised)
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Any Remodel Requirements
  • Direct Consultation for Exit Plans


Confidentiality is critical to the success and ease of the transaction. We are sensitive to the fact that employee performance and business success is tied to employee peace of mind and stability. Franchise Sales strives to ensure that this stability is maintained during the most critical time of your business ownership.

All prospective Buyers are pre-qualified and complete a confidentiality agreement. We discuss confidentiality as a priority with all buyers, stressing the importance to everyone involved.

Marketing & Advertising

A number of methods are used to market your business for sale; the most important of which is a daily process of Franchise Sales. A database of pre-qualified buyers nationwide is maintained and tapped for the sale of your business.

This, in conjunction with reaching out to our existing client base, trade publications, Internet, and newspaper advertising will be employed with confidentiality and a successful sale in mind.

Negotiation & Deal Structure

The deal must make sense to everyone involved: Buyer, Seller, Lender, and Franchisor. All parties have expectations that need to be met and Franchise Sales encourages and assists in the structure of purchase agreements with protections for both Buyer and Seller alike.

Securing & Obtaining Financing

Franchise Sales has long-standing relationships with many SBA lenders, most major banks, and a number of regional and local banks across the nation. We understand how important financing is, and strive to assist Buyers in obtaining adequate financing that meets their needs and expectations to ensure the transaction is successful.

Franchisor Relations

The Franchisor is key to both the operation and transition. The Franchisor, in nearly all cases, needs to approve the prospective buyer, and Franchise Sales is well aware of the requirements involved and pre-qualifies the candidate with Franchisor to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.

Due Diligence Facilitation

Franchise Sales expedites the due diligence process through advanced preparation and assistance in ensuring that all necessary information is presented in a timely and thorough manner.

Transaction Closing

Our experience helps us eliminate the impediments to closing. For example:

  • Obtaining all licenses, permits, insurance, title, leases and estoppels
  • Delivering updated financials
  • Meeting Franchisor training requirements
  • Securing franchise agreement extensions and assignments
  • Negotiating exclusive development agreements and schedules

What Our Customers Are Saying

J. A. Denver, CO

Franchise Sales was instrumental in working with the lender to get the transaction closed. Having a third party who is as interested in closing the transaction as the buyer and seller is immensely helpful and adds significant value for all parties.

J. L. Buffalo, NY

We hired Franchise Sales to sell our chain of stores in New York and they completed the task with terrific result, ahead of schedule and with almost no anxiety over the process. I don’t think there is a better broker in America.